Wafa & Iyan's outdoor shoot

>> 7.09.2012

These are some of the outdoor pictures that I took for my Memuah friend's wedding around last month at the Bahau Old Train Station. Eventhough at first, the session was almost scrapped off from the schedule due to intermittent guest arrival, but at the end we still managed to pull it off before the sun completely set off.

Wafa & Iyan Outdoor

It was a combo wedding where the brother and the sister were celebrated at the same time. My friends are couple on the right.


 This is an attempt to give the picture Rarindra style look. Huhu

Wafa & Iyan Outdoor 

A symbolic of how the husband should now on be the hero of his wife, protecting her from any danger, trust her and make her life joyous and blessed till the end of their lives.

As some of other Memuah chronies joined the session, why not letting them interframe..hahaha!!! An enjoyable session. Some more pictures will be updated soon.

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