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>> 10.11.2009

Efendi's starts joining the wedding photography business with the tendency and intention to help. The first time I heard about wedding photography package, I was shocked. For me, it's so expensive especially once you compare the price you charged and the final product.

So, the best way to know about the price is to ask me directly via sms or email. But for guideline, the basic price is ;

Rm1200 (Wedding & Engagement)
-1 day coverage. Nikah dan sanding withing the same day.
- 8x12 inches custom album - 22 pages.
- One Sticky Album with 100++ 4R photos
- All the pictures taken would be copied into the DVD. Unlimited shot.

RM400 (Family Potraiture)
-Any event such as Birthday Party, Potluck or just Outdoor hangout with your family
-Around 3 hours coverage at your choosen location
-9x6inches custom album
-Pictures copied into DVD.

This is just the basic. Negotiation is open. If the Nikah and Sanding are in the different days, but the location of the event is not that far or just Klang valley area, I won't usually charge extra for the 2nd day.

And of course, outdoor session is free of charge. If we have time for it, nice landscape I would take outdoor session for after nikah and after sanding. Why not. But the time sould be reasonable. Dont expect a free outdoor when your event ends at 5.30 or 6 P.M. If I arrive at 12 noon, that's already 5-hour of covering..=]

It's a satisfaction for me to get a nice pictures out of your big day. So, just think of it as a team. We manage the time nicely, we would get a nice product wouldn't we? So, just email me, or reach by my mobile.

Mobile Number ; 0172192349
Email ;


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