Doodle and DIgital art drawing 1

>> 3.13.2014

Tengah try wat digital art untuk redesign battle Ghostbuster..tak siap lagi ni..banyak lagi nak kena perdetailkan..

ni plak doodle utk blog peribadi aku pasal XIyad. hehehe.

sneak peek Habiba & Farees wedding

>> 1.21.2013


Been a while since my last post on wedding photography..err mine could be considered as photography tough. To some, they might just craps. HAHAHA!! Anyway, here's a sneak peek on my sis's wedding pictures. To be honest, it has been too long since the last time I took a paid wedding photography. The last one was my friend's wedding and I did enjoy the shoot and the effort I poured into it.


And during the kenduri, I realized that my AA batteries for the speed-light are already spoiled. A set has been spoiled. It's the MAHA set of batteries. But actually these batteries have been giving me hard time. It works perfectly fine just for 2 months. After that, once they are charged, I could only use it one time. If I off my speed-light, the next day the batteries are already depleted. And now it's getting worst to the point where I decided to buy a new set later.


These pictures were taken during the other set of 1800maH batteries. A cheaper set but worth more of the performance though. Sad case for me. I have a nice MAHA battery charger where it indicated that the MAHA batteries have been fully charged. But when I inserted them into the speed-light, it gave me signal that the batteries were already OUT. So this is the review of MAHA batteries for me. Hehehehe

I wanna do experiment on tones and colours for my sis' pictures this time. No pressure to meet any dateline though..So I can be as creative as I can. Pity, we didn't take outdoor photos. Sad~~~


Photography | Insects

>> 12.17.2012


Alhamdulillah ada rezeki nak beli tele lens yang dah lama aku idamkan. Takde la rezeki sangat sampai leh bayar cash. Bayar installment je. Tapi rezeki tu kan macam2 jenis. Installment pun sejenis rezeki la tu. Hehehe.

Jadi balik kampung hari tu sempat la snap mana yang patut nak try lense ni. Dia punya focusing memang senyap je. Memang smooth je. So ni antara gambar-gambar terawal aku snap dengan lense ni.





Tapi semua gambar-gambar ni aku crop. Tele lens tu bukan nye ada makro. Hehehe..So enjoy lah ye.

Zoffea & Zaffar

>> 12.03.2012

Couple weekends ago,my friends came visiting me from Bukit Jelutong. I bought them some keropok lekor and keropok kering from the infamous Bukit Tok Beng Keropok Lekor shop near my in-law's house. Their son, Zaffar really loves the keropok keping, so I even bought some for him. As I didn't have any plan to going around their area, they came to my house. Well, might as well visiting my house for the first time. Something like that.


The only time we met Zoffea was when she was less than a month old if I'm not mistaken. She was so small. Unfortunately when we paid her a visit, her mom Marlena was upstairs having her spa session. So we just accompanied by her dad, Zuhri whom also my friend and ex-colleague.



Zoffea was so like her dad when she was small but now she looks hybrid. Not that much of her mom nor her dad. Hehehehe.


This is Zaffar. The boy who was once so small when I carried him on my hands. Now he's big enough to play the yoyo car. Still quite aloof though.


And he's a cam-whore too...LOL!! Opss..Xiyad was at his back also captured in this shot. 

Xiyad seems to be really enjoying the time with Zoffea. Maybe because Zoffea is the first friend that he met whom actually the same size as him. All this while, my friend's babies are bigger than Xiyad. So this time Xiyad was really active towards Zoffea. But sorry ya Marlena, Zuhri coz Xiyad couldn't really understand the way of proper friendship he was like trying to grab n pinch those fluffy Zoffea's cheeks that time.

No worries, I'll make sure he's gonna grow up being a gentleman. Hehehehe!! Thanks for visiting. And hate it when you gave me that money for the keropok la~~ It's just around RM20~~~ I purposely bought RM100 keropok lekor this time for my friends. So no money needed next time OK!!


Aqil Hamzah yg Debab suara besar

>> 11.23.2012


Aqil Hamzah is the son of my Memuah friends Erina & Amir. So 'semangat' and a little aloof when surrounded by strangers. He's 9 month plus.


These photos were taken at Aqil's house after the Memuah picnic couple months back. He feels comfortable when he's at his own house for sure.


Play as he likes


Bite as he wants :p


And when Xiyad was holding his toy, he made that face..Ekekekekeke. But he's not the type that retaliates and fight to get his toy back. Well for now. Good boy Aqil.


This was when Xiyad gave the toy back to him. Hehehe. Friends forever?


I have spare time in the office so I uploaded these pictures. But I didn't edit any of them.

Nur Adni Adelia

>> 11.19.2012

I spend a-week off at Kuala Terengganu last weekend at my in-law's. My sister in-laws safely delivered her first child, a princess around last month in Penang. The original plan was to visit her in Penang and had a holiday there, but since she was already went back to Kuala Terengganu, the plan changed accordingly.

So these are photos of my first 'anak buah'. Her name is Nur Adni Adelia bin Mohammad Haqqi

Nur Adni Adelia

She's a day-sleeper. That's along, her mother (^^)

Nur Adni Adelia

Nur Adni Adelia

Can't wait to play with Mom and Dad

Nur Adni Adelia

Sleeping Princess

Both rompers are the one used by Xiyad when he was that small and it really brought the nostalgic feeling. Hmm~~~~

Heee..See Xiyad is trying to make her sleep...okay i lied. He was trying to play with her but he doesn't really know how to...see that small fist is grabbing the cloth firmly and XIyad would surely pinched her crying if I didn't stop him. Hehehehe

Can't wait when the time they could both run together and play together. Congrats Along n Haqqi


Jumping Kids

>> 11.09.2012

Aidilfitri 2012


Taken by the Seberang Takir beach around my Grandma in-law's backyard. It's always fun taking photos of action. But I always know I could jump better than them. But then, who gonna take the photo? Heheheheehe


Tourism Selangor Day Out (TSDAYOUT) - Water Sport Village (AWSV)

>> 10.14.2012

Just managed to get this entry done!! Had a really bad luck with my computer for the past 2 months. The hardisk went kaput, sent it for warranty claim, got it back after a month waiting and the problem still persist (==). Well, enough with the reason why this entry was keep on hold for so long. Let's get going

It was my first TSDAYOUT. I got the invitation alert from my friend asking to tweet my details asap. So I tweeted my wife and my details but I was not allowed to tweet on behalf so the organizer asked my wife to put a comment on the FB. Cut story short, she didn't get the slot. But my friend offered her spot but unfortunately we were going to bring our 11-month son and we were not encouraged to bring kid (you guys know why later). Hence I really need to find a replacement coz the commitment fee has been paid and that's when Kapten (my partner that day) came into the picture.

We rallied at Amcorp mall and kicked off around 9A.M. Reached there around 45 minutes later, in Puchong area and a boat was waiting for us. Put on the lifejacket and a 2-minute ride after, we reached the private beach.


Yeah..Asian Water Sport Village. The new attraction in town for those who loves high-pumping adrenaline type of activity.


We were informed that there's gonna be a photography competition as well. And when we were in the bus, the organizer mentioned that the theme is "Expression". Hahaahah!! Seriously upon hearing the theme, my mood to compete going flop and I said to Kapten "enjoy the game je la nampaknya". The intention to 'try winning it' has turned to ash just like that. Hahahaha!!! Why?

I only have one lense, 17-50mm. The most I could zoom is 50mm which is really short. Expression theme requires a zoom lense for a better expression, candid shots wont you agree? Yes, you can still win if you want "nak seribu daya taknak seribu dalih". But it would be way in a disadvantage point for those like me, the one with just point n shoot camera. That's why I decided to pick the "seribu dalih". Hahahaha!! And when Emma Maembong, an actress was also there, it doubled the discouragement. Ahahaha!!


This is during the safety briefing by the CEO himself (if I didn't hear it wrongly). The rules are safety, safety and safety & hold on tight!!!! We were briefed on where to wait for each of the water games and then we scattered and started to try every one of the game.

I started with the one for 4!! 2 of sat in front and another 2 at the back. That was a guy and I. The guy on the boat said, "the back, kaki dekat bawah" and it was misinterpreted. The guy next to me had half of his body inside of the water. Memang betul2 letak bawah kaki dia. Dalam air. Hahahaha!!! I chose to bersimpuh je. And in the middle of the game the boat stopped coz he thought one of us were thrown off. Rupa2nya we just need to bersimpuh at the back like I did. Hahahaa!! Sian brother tu. Bayang la they drag you so fast, wat corner bagai...senak telor Okayyy brother tu. Ahahahaha!!

From left, Kapten, Maria and Niina.

I saw my friend Kapten tried the one for 3 at first. And I saw him already in the water. Hahahaha!! He didnt HOLD TIGHT enough!! But then he tried for the 2nd time with Maria and Niina, our newly found friends during the day out coz we waited at the mall together that morning.

Then I also tried the for-3 one it was really great. As I was the smallest one, I was the one in the middle. Every corner we took, the guy either from my left and right would have to hold really tight not to got thrown off. The middle is a bit easier but you played a role to balance the thing though.

Everytime I was waiting for the next game, I would take the chance to watch Emma and her crew doing their photoshoot for Yes!. And I kept trying to get the opportunity to take a picture with her. I kan segan orangnya..Huhuhuhu!!!

Then we had the chance to put our signatures on the TSDAYOUT banner. That was when Emma also signed it with a jawi signature written Fasimah. I was pelik. I assume her name is Fatimah. I asked the staff if her name is Fatimah but the lady said "ye kot". Pulak. So I asked Emma and she said Fatimah. "oh..if fatimah, tertinggal batang tu..huruf shod jadinya". And Emma realized that and made the tho correctly to represent her name. Hehehehe!!

Emma Maembong an over-exposed shot ==
Emma Maembong with her signature. Sayang betol picture overexposed. I tersilap chose the manual mode which I set for some other occasion (==). Treat it as a high-key photo lah. Hahahaha!! Sayang kan gambar ni, seperti sayang nye aku pada Emma. Ahahaha!!

Then we had a really nice lunch. Siyesly nice lunch. Kalah makan kenduri kawin uolss!! The rendang daging kambing if I'm not mistaken, and the grilled chicken were awesome!!! Burrppp!! At this point, I still didn't manage to get my picture with Emma. Now u see ya that my day was all about taking picture with Emma. Hahahaha!!!

After lunch was the highlight!! I played the boat where it has like a sayap around it and looks like the flying squirrel. Ah..hard to explain. See the picture for better perception;


Yeah this boat!! Cool gile!!! The best is to have the front seat. You had to stand like that or when it stay flat on the water, u kinda tonggek gitu lah. When the wind and the fast pace blew u up!!! Memang you gonna fly for a while. But after that u need to know that you would eventually going down!!! Horror siot!!! And for a tip, you can just drop ur body like this;

Yes like this, just drop your body like this girl did. Well, she didn't really meant to drop like that. You would just drop like that..hahahaha!! I injured my biceps trying to stay like the first pose, tonggek like that keeping my legs on the yellow palang. It's freaking hard to do so.


These photos were taken while we were on a boat following them for a better picture. But without a zoom lense, these were the best I could take. And during the actual day, we didn't bring our own laptop ok. So we didn't have the time to crop our pictures. So there's no way I could get the expression without cropping and zooming the pictures :(.

Then I just took more photos of Emma and finally I managed to approach her and confess to her, no..asked her if I could take a photo with her. She was all wet, make up gone. So I managed to take a photo with make-upless Emma which I prefer it that way. Yeay!!!

Emma Maembong and I
With Emma Maembong~~~~

Emma Maembong and I

Kapten nak jugak

After I took a bath, I asked her one more time!! Yeayy!! I bet most of us there at AWSV didn't really know her. Well, that's because they didn't watch her drama airing 7-8P.M which ended  around 3 weeks before we came here. She's the supporting actress for Kau Yang Terindah.

Then we transferred our best 5 pictures which surely I didn't really have. Hahaha!! You can always tag along with the boat dragging these tubes but without a zoom lense, for me not much different. Plus, I had to wait for the same guy to finish his shot for 2 rounds anywhere. Malas lah. Hahaha!! And here are the 5 photos I submitted for the evaluation;

Emma Maembong



But this one is the cropped version though. The uncropped version that I've
submitted was not this nice for sure.


Hahahahaa..No wonder la tak menang kan..hahahhaa!! 

Me with Niina. If I'm not mistaken she won the best photo of the day. Hebakkk

Anyway TSDAYOUT memang best!!! This october they are going to Kuala Langat. A place where there's a jambatan kayu which is very iconic coz I have seen pictures of it everywhere. But pity I cant join coz the same date, I'm going to Kalumpang resort celebrating my son's 1st birthday!!!

Please invite me again next time Tourism Selangor!!!
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