sneak peek Habiba & Farees wedding

>> 1.21.2013


Been a while since my last post on wedding photography..err mine could be considered as photography tough. To some, they might just craps. HAHAHA!! Anyway, here's a sneak peek on my sis's wedding pictures. To be honest, it has been too long since the last time I took a paid wedding photography. The last one was my friend's wedding and I did enjoy the shoot and the effort I poured into it.


And during the kenduri, I realized that my AA batteries for the speed-light are already spoiled. A set has been spoiled. It's the MAHA set of batteries. But actually these batteries have been giving me hard time. It works perfectly fine just for 2 months. After that, once they are charged, I could only use it one time. If I off my speed-light, the next day the batteries are already depleted. And now it's getting worst to the point where I decided to buy a new set later.


These pictures were taken during the other set of 1800maH batteries. A cheaper set but worth more of the performance though. Sad case for me. I have a nice MAHA battery charger where it indicated that the MAHA batteries have been fully charged. But when I inserted them into the speed-light, it gave me signal that the batteries were already OUT. So this is the review of MAHA batteries for me. Hehehehe

I wanna do experiment on tones and colours for my sis' pictures this time. No pressure to meet any dateline though..So I can be as creative as I can. Pity, we didn't take outdoor photos. Sad~~~



mar_one March 29, 2013 at 9:17 AM  

boleh tanya..pakai camera apa ek semasa awak pergi redang lagoon tu yer..teringin nak beli satu..

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