Nur Adni Adelia

>> 11.19.2012

I spend a-week off at Kuala Terengganu last weekend at my in-law's. My sister in-laws safely delivered her first child, a princess around last month in Penang. The original plan was to visit her in Penang and had a holiday there, but since she was already went back to Kuala Terengganu, the plan changed accordingly.

So these are photos of my first 'anak buah'. Her name is Nur Adni Adelia bin Mohammad Haqqi

Nur Adni Adelia

She's a day-sleeper. That's along, her mother (^^)

Nur Adni Adelia

Nur Adni Adelia

Can't wait to play with Mom and Dad

Nur Adni Adelia

Sleeping Princess

Both rompers are the one used by Xiyad when he was that small and it really brought the nostalgic feeling. Hmm~~~~

Heee..See Xiyad is trying to make her sleep...okay i lied. He was trying to play with her but he doesn't really know how to...see that small fist is grabbing the cloth firmly and XIyad would surely pinched her crying if I didn't stop him. Hehehehe

Can't wait when the time they could both run together and play together. Congrats Along n Haqqi


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