The Pavillion KL

>> 7.10.2012

I have never been to Pavillion before apart of all the news, the tweets and FB status about the place. I learned about the tokyo street from my Memuah friend that shared with us her visit a year ago. It was after the Malaysian Travel Blogger Meetup that was held in Palate Palettte, I decided to pay a visit to this mall along with Keri n Jard.

It's just a walking no-sweat distance from the Palate Palette. When I was about to drive into the mall, only then keri mentioned that the parking free is expensive..Duhhh~~ If he mentioned earlier, I would have go straight to Rojak Bellamy jah. Hahahaha!! Anyway, the button has been pushed, the parking ticket has been issued, let's just find a vacant parking spot!!

Pavillion KL

We were a bit hungry when we reached there except Keri as he ate few of the sandwich provided during the blogger meetup. So I had my first taste of the Hot Roll here. Hmm..nice though!! It's a very suitable snack for you to hold your hungry before a proper meal. I like the tidiness and the cleanliness of the stall.


Oh, the surau was located at B2 carpark. We fortunately parked at that level, so before we came into the mall, we performed our solats first. After that we just headed to the Tokyo Street upstairs!! Cembam and Xiyad taking the tokyo feel =p

Pavillion KL - Tokyo street

Tokyo Street!!

Pavillion KL - Tokyo street

Pavillion KL - Tokyo street

Jard approached this lady and asked her to pose for us so that we could take a photo of her kimono. But the funny part was when Jard sincerely bowed at her while saying "Arigato Gozaimas" like she was actually in Japan!! That lady is a chinese I bet. Hahahaha!!! So into the moment!!

Pavillion KL - Tokyo street

How the interior is designed to let you feel like walking in the Japanese district

Pavillion KL - TheClickShop

The ClickShop. Various kind of lomography cameras are sold here.

Pavillion KL - DC shop

Then we browsed in the DC or was it Marvel shop. Wow~~ nice..the Batmobile replica!! If Faizal Tahir is Superman Malaysia, it appears that for Batman it goes to Fizo Omar..huhuhu

Pavillion KL - DC shop

The Green Lantern that resembles Hrithik Roshan a lot!! Ahahaha!!! I do intrigue to buy a piece for myself. But when I checked the price..phewww~~~ I think I would prefer spending it for OnePiece merchandise at the Uniqlo though. Even the thought of buying one for Xiyad was out of question.

Pavillion KL - Abaibi

Obaibi shop. CC Masy. Hahaha!!

To sum up, I don't really browse the whole mall. It's a nice place to browse around with your family, err buying not really sure. But the parking rate is really damn expensive for a place that is rumored to be built on a DBKL ground without proper approval? Whooopssss!! Rumors!!!


Jard The Great July 10, 2012 at 12:12 PM  

LOL! berapa konon kena charge utk parking wei? never did ask

HEMY July 10, 2012 at 1:32 PM  

6 ke 7 ringgit..lupa lah..

Masy July 11, 2012 at 10:41 AM  

motip cc ke aku? hahahahaha baibi baibi baibi uuuuuuu

HEMY July 12, 2012 at 10:57 AM  

nama pggln kau kan baby baby baibi baibi gitu..haahaha

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