Walimatul Urus : Mohd Fakhruddin & Noor Azlina

>> 6.09.2012

Saturday, May 26th

It was my ex-housemate's wedding that was held in Parit, Perak. I got the wedding card personally by hand from Din at the UPM Cimb branch. I planned to attend the groom's side but because there was another wedding of my friend's the day before the date and it would mean a long journey from Negeri Sembilan and then Perak, so I chose the bride's side of the ceremony.

Din's Wedding

I kicked off from my house with Cembam and Xiyad around 12 noon after Cembam finished her extra school that day. Due to the school holiday, PLUS highway was full of cars and we moved steadily towards the venue.

Din's Wedding

After around 3 hours, we arrived at the place after asking for the final clue from a pakcik by the road. I didn't manage to prepare any gift, and when I was leaving the place, my wallet was in the car. So I had to go back to find Din after I had the 'sumbangan' with me. But Din was doing a photoshoot upstairs and I just handed it to the VJ to pass it to him.

Xiyad was not really comfy being there because of the loud speaker. But we stayed for a while still, taking turn on having the lunch and managed to chat for a while and catch up things with Ponjot, another ex-housemate of mine who attended the wedding

Din's Wedding

Din's Wedding

It was not one of a frustrating journey and I wish all the best to Din and Azlina for your marriage. Be tolerate and always supporting each others throughout your marriage so you can live a happy life with your childre. Amiiinnn~~~~


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