Nahdan & Mom - Evening Play

>> 5.08.2012

It was the first time we ever played in the playground area at my apartment. Well, we didn't have any kid didn't we. And our son now is just 6 months plus we are moving to the new house around this week.

So when my nephew was here, we brought him to the playground. Nahdan, my nephew didn't have his shoes with him. So we just put a pair of socks to him and we brought along some jajan.

Mom & Nahdan

But it was scorching hot even it was already 6 P.M. Seriously hot. So I just snapped some pics, Nahdan tried the slide then we went back upstairs. Couldn't handle the heat man.

Mom & Nahdan

Looking at the camera before the launch =p

Mom & Nahdan

Oh my Allah!!! It's frightening...waaaaa!!!!!! I can feel the blood surging towards my head!!!!! Uwaaaaa!!!!

Well, just a matter of time till the day our son's turn to play it. Hope Allah bless me to age and see my child grows up.


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