Wafa & Iyan Solemnization

>> 4.16.2012

After been a while missing from the filed of duty as a photographer, this was my first comeback with my 7D trying to reminisce how did I roll before and it was actually a challenge to get used to the environment and the task. So first and foremost, to Wafa..I apologize in advance if the quality of the pictures are not up to your expectation. I would try to polish back the rusty creativity and bring out the best during your reception =]


The solemnization took place at Wafa's parents house at Bahau. I didn't really know how long the journey will take from my place, how the traffic and etc. So I kicked off from my house at 7.30A.M for the 11A.M event. I used PLUS highway and used the road that cut cross Bukit Putus for the first time. I took me 2 hours to reach Wafa's house. There was still nobody when I reached there so I just brought out my flash battery, left it charging and went out to have my breakfast at a stall by the junction. I even went to petrol station lepas hajat. Hahahaha!!!

The event actually started around 12.30 noon. I managed to had a nap sitting on the sofa. I only awoke when Wafa was calling my name standing next to me. Hahahahaha!!!

Once the groom family arrived, the event started as normal. The Akad was not performed by the Imam but Wafa's brother did it instead. After a very slow and soft-voice-delivered sermon, the akad was practiced twice and the actual one only took a try to be completed. And just like that, Wafa and Iyan are now officially married and halal among them. Hehehehe!!

Like usual, I would take pictures all the way till the end and only then I have my lunch. This time I was accompanied by the newly wed couple.  Ok. That's the short story of it. I uploaded some that I managed to prepare. I will upload new pictures in this very entry later.

Wafa's Solemnization
The vow that brings the joy and tears. The beginning of a new life for both of them

Wafa's Solemnization

  Wafa, grateful it went smooth
Wafa's Solemnization

Wafa's Solemnization
Wafa and her Mom.

Wafa's Solemnization

Oh..My first kissss~~~~~

Wafa's Solemnization

Hahaha..Iyan's special smile...

Wafa's Solemnization

Wafa's Solemnization

Congrats to Wafa and Iyan for your marriage. I really hope and pray that you both will love and keep supporting each other till your last breaths, bestowed by cute children and trudge along the bond with redha =]. May Allah bless you both!!


Masy April 16, 2012 at 11:32 AM  

iyan ni suke buat muka gitu hahahahah. congrats utk kedua2nyaaaa

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