Maya Zoffea~~

>> 2.14.2012

Last weekend during the 4-day leave, I spent most of the days at my sis' place as my parents were there along with my uncle's. We were planning to attend a relative's kenduri at Petaling Jaya area. On Monday, we didn't really have much things to do after uncle and his kids already headed back to Sabak, then I texted my friend and asked him if we could come to pay his new-born princess.

But unfortunately his wife was doing a full-body head to toe scrubbing, bertungku and spa. But after a few more texting, we agreed to come still. So we headed to their house knowing, we could just have a casual chat with the hubby while the wifey was upstairs being massaged =p

With the help of google map in my siri, we reached there smoothly.

Maya Zoffea

Sleeping beauty (^^)

Maya Zoffea

Maya Zoffea

New-born always sleep. So Zoffea's pictures were mostly sleeping pose =].

Maya Zoffea

My friend was feeding zoffea with the breast milk pumped into the bottle. Zoffea seems to be liking it more when it was from the bottle rather than directly from her mom's.


Zaffar with her trains!!! I managed to spend some time playing with him and his trains on the the railway track. Hahaha so fun. But I still couldn't really catch what was Zaffar saying (=.=). Ekekeke sorry Zaffar. Kalau uncle selalu hang out ngan zaffar mesti uncle faham punyaaa..


Zoffea and Uncle Gorgeous~~~


While we were at Zoffea's house, Xiyad borrowed the rocker..sampai tido syok je Xiyad on it. Hehehehe. Nak mintak satu le tu from Ayah..Sorry, tak dapek la Xiyad..Ahahahaha

Well then, looking forward to our next meeting ek Zoffea.


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