Botanical Garden Pulau Pinang

>> 10.04.2011

botanical garden

Botanical Garden Pulau Pinang is situated not from Persiaran Gurney or Gurney Plaza. Google map here!!. As the name suggests, it's a place where you can jog, just walking with your loved ones, bring your kids so there could run around and its also the place where you can see monkeys. But beware of them of course =p.

Penang Botanical Garden

The view is just like other gardens. They have orchids sanctuary here and lots more. Unfortunately I didn't really pay extra attention on the attractions in this garden coz I just came to stroll happily and took pictures of my friends and myself. But there are few mini gardens inside here that you can check out. Place to do photography?? Oh, anyway in any section bebeh. I personally love this vast field the most. See how happy my friends were? Jumping joyfully without a slightest care of the world.

Penang Botanical Garden

Pre-wed, wedding photography in Botanical Garden. Well, its up to your theme but it can be one of your spot. There are lots of elements and colours that could give you the background that you need and you could do so much with your pictures with these backgrounds.

Penang Botanical Garden

Here is the Orchidarium. We didn't really go inside, but that orange worn-out brick wall looks so fantastic to be our background and our shirts' colour blend nicely with it. Told ya it's a nice place to take photos!!

Penang Botanical Garden

There's a bridge to add up the landscape here. A bridge to Terabithia maybe. Hehehe. You could do more if you have tele lense though. Me? Oh, I have 17-50mm lense only with me. There's a zoom version of the picture but I prefer this one coz it tells you more story from it.

Penang Botanical Garden

There's a sign to NOT FEED THE MONKEYS!! yep, please adhere to it. They are numbers of cases where visitors getting chased by the monkeys. The act of giving food to them give them the mental image that human=food. So don't blame them if out of sudden a big monkey came dazing towards you aiming for your ice cream!!! It happened to one of my friend!! That's why the botanical garden admins want to slowly eliminate the act of this monkey feed to protect the visitors.

Penang Botanical Garden

Oh please. These are not monkeys. You can feed them. Bwahahahahahaa!!!

Bagai kera dapat Jard

There's an ice cream hawker outside where you can sit on the grass and enjoy your ice cream. Outside here, they don't mind if you wanna give the monkey some food. But just beware the one you just gave some food would came back with his brethren!!! Ahahahaha!!

So, just buckle up your seatbelt and drive here if you are around the corner!!

Malaysia Truly Asia!!


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