The blue Selangor River and the dam

>> 5.04.2011

The Lake for the dam

On my way to Fraser Hills from Pekan Kuala Kubu Bharu, I passed a blue lake, river I don't really know. But when I googled the direction, I think it's the Selangor River. The view is so nice...the water looks so blue and the 2-lane wide road feels like a journey of bliss.

The Lake for the dam

You can see some people would pulled over by the road to fill up their water containers with the water that runs down from the hill. Some even have few big ones. So on my way back to KL, I pulled over like the rest but instead of filling up water, I take some shots of the picturesque view.

The Lake for the dam

You won't miss it if you are heading towards Fraser Hill. There's even a proper place where you can park and enjoy the view. A place like where you can have a picnic or something like that.  If any of you know the proper name of this place, please share yah


thomas May 10, 2011 at 12:07 PM  

nice shots,i was there too.

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