Floating Mosque of Kuala Ibai. Masjid Terapung Kuala Ibai

>> 3.30.2011

Masjid Terapung Kuala Ibai Terengganu

Floating Mosque of Kuala Ibai. It's situated just near the main road. You are either blind or someone who can't look away from the road to miss the big signboard of this mosque. I bet thousands of newly married couple have already immortalized their moments here doing outdoor session. I didn't go here when it was my wedding because compare to Crystal mosque, this place is way farther. Time constraint is an old nemesis of wedding photography.

After more than a year having my time visiting Terengganu since our lovey dovey couple time till having it official, this was my first time going there. I went with my siblings-in law and it was simply a nice and easy evening stroll with some ice-cream and coconut drink to kill the time.

Masjid Terapung Kuala Ibai Terengganu

We performed our prayer inside the mosque before leaving the place. It's bigger than crystal mosque.

Cembam n Haziq Floating Mosque

That's cembam and Haiqal. Been a while since I last meet this goneng. We couldn't spend the last school holiday at Ganu because we need to be careful enough for our first expected baby. After hearing some news of miscarriage simply due to traveling hometown, Cembam had to spend her week school holiday at home whining on how boring it was. hehehe

Maybe next time I will visit more of Ganu to see it's own special scenery and monuments. Oh, I have to take some pictures of the Batu Bersurat replica next time for sure!!


Nava Kishnan March 30, 2011 at 4:40 PM  

fantastic, our Malaysian wonder for others to see and admire.

J.M.R April 20, 2011 at 10:36 PM  

very nice photos..masjid terapung!!

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