The clouds along the Highway

>> 11.20.2011

The route back to Urban Jungle

Driving along LPT highway, then Karak Highway and Genting Sempah is always a long journey either coming back from Terengganu or going towards Terengganu. The 2nd phase of LPT or LPT2 is still under progress but the yet-to-be-finished highway from Bukit Besi to Ajil has already been opened since Hari Raya Puasa couple of months ago.

It's a really long journey where you got to drive through the heavy downpour, drizzling and shiny road along the 5-7 hours drive. Then the speedtrap around Bentong and Temerloh would luckily caught you in action with your feet hitting the throttle as hard as you could =p.

The route back to Urban Jungle

These clouds were taken last weekend and I could still remember that shiny glimmering after-rain clouds which so mesmerizing and managed to make my sleepy eyes refreshed again. Well of course they were refreshed because I was trying to take the pictures by looking through the viewfinder while driving 110kmh..ekekekeke.

The clouds~~~ Given the right lighting and the appropriate form, they are one of the magnificent prove of Allah's omnipotent power!!


Anonymous,  February 18, 2012 at 1:41 AM  

ini macam awan macam mana mau buat..

HEMY June 28, 2012 at 5:30 PM  

bukan dibuat-buat.I just take a picture of them =)

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