KL Bird Park - Some of the flying feathers

>> 12.17.2010

KL Bird Park is the biggest Bird Park in Asia if I'm not mistaken. Some Malaysian didn't even know that we have a bird park when I remembered the quote from a friend right after I shared with them my experience being there when I was 12.

"Oh, kat KL ni ada Bird Park ek??"

Who is to be blamed? NOt sure, maybe needs more marketing, TV commercial? Anyway, just enjoy some of the flying feathers that I managed to 'shot' that day. My bad for not getting their names. If I went there again, I will surely take their names as reference. Promise!!

Oh Of course, none of them are birds!! Ekeekeke. Some of the activities you could experience inside there is having your portraiture drawn by the artist here. I'm not sure how long would it take to finish one though. How nice? will it be like the Central Market one? Not sure either.

You could also get your name written with a birdy alphabets like the one you saw in this picture. My bad for not asking how much each..Haishhh~~

You can feed these canary or parrots I'm not sure =p. But just make sure you are OK when some of them would just landed on your head, shoulders or hanging up at the tip of your veil. Hehehehe.

One of the attraction here is the parrot show which I'll be sharing with you in my next entry...=]. NOw fly young ones!!!


HEMY January 30, 2011 at 10:33 PM  

bizarre and fascinating

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