Disneyland Hong Kong - Last part and leaving~~

>> 12.14.2010

Right after we finished firing laser pistol and defeat the enemies with BUZZ , we decided to visit some more parts left that we should cater, buy some souvenir and headed home. Cembam (my wife) was not feeling really good due to her fever and the cold weather. I'm OK with it eventhough it would mean we gonna miss the night firework show..sob sob.huhu. But the main thing is we enjoy it together. There's no meaning if you watch the firework but your partner is freezing cold and breath heavily right?

Disneyland Castle

We visited the castle..err..I forgot the name of the castle. You can google it yourself =p. It's getting dark, so we snapped some more pics before going to the souvenir shop at the Professor Porters.

Cembam and the souvenir that we bought. There's an offer of 50% less for the T-shirts. So we bought that.

We walked out yet stopping here and there to take some more pictures before we actually leave the place. We would never know if we will be visiting the place again anyway.

The Opera House. We didn't really go inside..ekekeke.

The ticket counter.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Entrance

Looking at the main entrance for the last time before we left =]

Then we used our Octopus card that we bought on the first day to go home and as we've experienced how the train system works,we chose a different route during the way home that stopped right at our hotel.

The train platform. A bit like the Hogwarts??

So, we had a great time there. Wandering around with our own water and some bread that we bought inside. The food are expensive inside so make sure you can try to bring some food inside your bag or under your kind's stroller =]. For HKD350 per person, it could be considered a worthy spent time. Nice~~

Oh, I've posted more entries in my own personal blog. You can check the other pictures there too. I might be copying the entries or at least the pictures here. But that would take a bit of time


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