Kuala Lumpur Bird Park -sneak preview-

>> 11.15.2010


When I was using My Nieyl (Nikon D200), I didn't manage to capture those lovely flying creatures. I love birds. I like to see them cutting the wind, flapping their wings and their colours that always pop out from the white cloudy background. How we envy them. But thanks to AirAsia, everyone can fly now. Ekekekke.

So now with my new yet-to-be-named 7D, I won't miss the chance to capture them in action especially when I just borrowed my friend's zoom lense Canon 55-250mm. It's time for those birdies!! But I didn't manage to upload all of the pictures yet, so this is the sneak peek entry =p.


The peacock



For MYKAD holders, the entrance fee is RM20 for adult. RM50 for Non-Malaysian tourists. I forgot the rate for kids and the rest. Further info, you could refer to their official website. Will update you with more pictures of them and my own story of being there. 

It's such a nice place to spend your time with your family there. Worth the money.

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