Kitchen Village Cyberjaya - OneHeatlh guys impulsive lunch

>> 9.09.2010

Way before Ramadhan, out of the ordinary days of working and buzzing your colleague when the clock ticks at 12 for lunch, we went to Kitchen Village Cyberjaya which is just nearby the office. But still need to drive there lor!! This time, it's my ex-team lead's treat. Yaa..we know. We were supposed to treat him but at the end he was the one paying for it.

Situated just opposite of DHL Cyberjaya office, there are lots more dining places around Kitchen Village and one of them is the infamous doubtly-halal Old Town White Coffee. Oh, now I wonder if Kitchen Village has been approved Halal by JAKIM or not. Will check as the entry is prepared.

It was my 4th time dining there. While waiting for your food, you would be served with green tea. Well, you don't really need to order other drink if you really love green tea coz they would refill it again and again for you. We waited for a while as there are lots of patrons during the lunch time. Cyberjaya people really love to eat at places like this.

The Tofu dish..sorry..I don't really know what is the exact name of the dishes here. Hahaha!!


Hahahahaha...I couldn't find the original picture la, I just put the one I've edited as a poster for my Iftar with my fellow bloggers lah.

onehealth guys we are. These are 4 guys of OneHealth (our support project's name). We are tied like bros. But now Hendro has already left the team doing other project. Well, outsourcing impact. It always not that good though (only the finance people will consider it great move)

Hopefully we could hang out together once in a while like the old days~~~


Thristhan September 9, 2010 at 1:39 PM  

The tofu dish and Sotong looks yummy, now dah lapar :) Selamat Hari Raya bro. Happy Holidays.

Cik Mira August 26, 2011 at 8:25 AM  

In the it halal or not..did u see the logo of halal anywhere in the restaurant..yesterday went there n wanna ask my kazen to dine in but she doubt whether it is halal or not since oldtown n padi, she knew the manager..but not kitchen village ...

HEMY October 4, 2011 at 10:54 AM  

I never went there anymore since. u right..we need to seek the halal one first =]

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