sunway pyramid shopping complex. Ayam Penyet Ria

>> 8.19.2010

Sunway Pyramid is one of the main shopping complex in Malaysia. It has it's own unique interior design and even it's own road exit and entrance from the main road straight into the parking bay. It's one of the biggest shopping complex. You can see the big lion head from the Fir'aun era, and that means you are at the right place.

The sunway lagoon waterpark is situated just next to the shopping complex and you could see it while having your BigMac by sitting next to the window. And having the lagoon is probably the reason why in the shopping complex, sometimes they got water shortage...hehehe!!

When we went there last time, they were having The Franchise Expo that has been launched by Dato Seri Ismail Sabri. Well, it wasn't an entertainment expo so you wouldn't expect a huge crowds of people dude.

Forever 21??just in dream..

Forever 21? Hehehe

sunway pyramid

My wife was craving for Ayam Penyet at that time. OK, if it was your first time going there, you gonna need a map. And, you need to know how to read a map. But every map screen, you could see a guy standing next to it waiting to offer you help. They even have like a small book of every places in there. It's like an atlas of Sunway Pyramid!! Nice huh??

After a tiring walking and searching for the place, having to look at map every now and then, we managed to locate the shop. I snapped the pictures of the staffs and they just smiled back at me. =].

This is Bandung Ria..niceee~~~

Then we went to look for my wife's new shoes. Like always, it's a challenge to follow them going into every shops that they fancied and walked out with nothing. Huhu!! And there are quite a lot of shops there. You might need to spend the whole day if your target is to visit all of the shops.

It's nice to shop..but don't let the swipe makes your life misery man. It's nice to have things without actually hand the cashier some notes and just swipe them out..but at the end of every months, you know what to expect.



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