Bharat Plantations, Cameron Valley

>> 6.27.2010

If you plan to have a nice weekend-escape at Cameron and choose to use Tapah route from Teluk Intan, you would save some money from the toll, nice fresh air around journey and an optional plan to dip your body at Kuala Woh or Lata Iskandar waterfall. You would reach Berinchang first and would pass one of the first tourist attraction there which is Bharat Plantations. 

Cameron-Bharat Plantation 
There are 2 shops you could stop but this one is the bigger one and more decent place to take the view while sipping a 4 ringgit O-tea.

Cameron - Bharat Plantation

Cameron - Bharat Plantation

Cameron - Bharat Plantation

Cameron-Bharat Plantation

Cameron-Bharat Plantation

This is how the place looks like. An overcharged cups of tea to the customers when they actually process the leaves themselves and logically we should have it on a cheaper price. But you shouldn't spoil your vacation by not trying the 4 ringgit tea because it normally costs way cheaper. So I ordered a strawberry tea and Cembam thought by ordering an Earl Grey tea would make it a better holiday without even knew how it would taste.

The shop where you could buy some tea. But we were just in the beginning of our vacation and we didn't need to buy it yet. I regretted not to buy the mug though. A nice mug carved with the name of the place as I thought I could come back for it. But I forgot and at the other place, they just don't sell it.


During our sipping stay, some of us were attracted by this adorable girl.She was repeating again and again on how to spell ayam. Over and over again and it was so cuutteeeeee~~~~. 

Cameron - Bharat Plantation 

Oh, and you can guess maybe, Cembam didn't manage to finish her Earl Grey tea. And at the end we had to switch glass. I couldn't let it to waste of course. I was brought up by my Mom not to waste as best as I could. Hehehe. And right after these 2 glasses of tea, with continue our journey. So would the entry..=]


laskar rainbow June 27, 2010 at 10:08 PM  

dah lama xjejak cameron..rindu plak...huuu~

kenwooi June 27, 2010 at 10:25 PM  

nice place.. would visit it the next time when i have the chance =)

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