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>> 6.23.2010

The last post for our Redang Honeymoon. Huuu~~ I could still feel the amazement that was filling my whole floating body during the snorkeling. Haishh~~~ How I wish I could turn back the time and enjoy all of my best moments over and over again.

Honeymoon - Redang Island 

This is the Redang Lagoon's cafe. Traditional wooden looks and still a convenient place to eat. We were lucky as on Sunday night they have a BBQ session as at first I thought it would be every night but it was not. You get to drill your own meal where they put 7 containers full with shrimps, big fishes and chicken. The easiest one to be drilled is the shrimp. Everyone took a lot of shrimps for their first meal coz they are way easier to be prepared.

We ate 2 full plates of shrimps and one big fish. Oh, some chicken as well. It was well drilled of course.

Honeymoon - Redang Island 

Then we had our last night-walk to buy some souvenir. I was looking for a nice mug that carved with "Redang" on it. Or something close to it. The night-walk was also to burn the fat and the calories. Although the only one sweating was Cembam.

Honeymoon - Redang Island 

This is the souvenir shop called "More More Tea Inn".Haha..see those ladies taking their pictures. I said to Cembam while looking at this picture in my camera and said, "wah..macam tempat pelacuran plak ada pelacur tunggu kat tangga". Mwahahaha.

Honeymoon - Redang Island


You can buy all sort of penyu here. And this one seems to be begging to follow you home~~

Honeymoon - Redang Island

Honeymoon - Redang Island

Honeymoon - Redang Island

Honeymoon - Redang Island 

Then we took our pictures during the last day of our honeymoon while waiting for the Ferry to come. We've aleady checked out and put our luggage on the specified point to be carried away by the resort management. Thanks to my housemate's videocam tripod. He lost his videocam leaving only the tripod and I still have the tripod but they took away the base. Ahahaha!!


Last but not least, you all can see from my pictures how awesome the place is. Worth the money, nice place to huddle your partner and feel the salty breeze and chilling wind (but I didn't do that). Go people..go!!!


Hemsem Ahmike June 23, 2010 at 1:36 PM  

Wow so nice pictures. I wish to go there, how much is the overall cost for two approx?

Efendi June 23, 2010 at 2:21 PM  

1 person Rm285 and 345 for peak hour..package includes 3D2N stay, 3 snorkeling session..ferry ride and meal

CaDLyNN June 23, 2010 at 4:44 PM  

ouh Redang..rindunye nak snorkeling kt Redang...
sourvenier kat more more tea inn tu quite mahal..staff kat sane cakap kat pelangi resort murah skit..

i love redangggggg

HEMY June 25, 2010 at 3:52 PM  

oh..pelangi resort..tak perasan plak masa pergi

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