Tanah Rata and a stay at Hotel Titiwangsa

>> 6.28.2010

Bila sampai je area Tanah Rata Cameron Highland, you guys would pass by this kinda monumen that welcomes you to Tanah Rata. A green empty field with a small tower. It's a nice place to rest for a while before you throw up in the car. You can have your packed lunch with your family too.

Honeymoon-Tanah Rata

Honeymoon-Tanah Rata

Honeymoon-Tanah Rata 

It's so nice to just lay down after the curvy road and feel the chilling breeze. Ahhh~~~~~
Honeymoon-Tanah Rata

Honeymoon-Tanah Rata 

We stayed at Hotel Titiwangsa. A nicely located medium class hotel where personally for me, everything is just within your reach. A restaurant in the same block that serves your masakan kampung with a standard price. A temple and also near the mosque for religious people to stay connected to your god even during your holiday.

It's so cold in the room even without the air-conditioner. We had some fiesta (nap) before we visit the attraction places and woke up feeling like we gonna catch a fever. Huuuu~~~ Brrr~~~ But thanks to the hot bath, we were good to go.

I would be glad to suggest you Hotel Titiwangsa for your stay in Cameron Highland. A very very suitable location and affordable price plus the free steambot in the package. I'll share that in my next entry. Ah, Hotel Titiwangsa didn't pay me for this entry yah...no hidden agenda..=]


suhaisweet June 28, 2010 at 8:06 PM  

Nice...i got latest too, kinda real Good Idea

kenwooi June 29, 2010 at 1:02 AM  

cameron is always cooling.. i miss staying there =)

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