Back to school Outdoor Concept

>> 6.07.2010

My hometown is Sabak Bernam. We have padi field, Palm orchards and the seashores (can't afford to call them beaches coz they are not nice). When the time was approaching the date of my wedding. I've already set the padi field as the outdoor landscape for my wedding photography.

But then we realized that the padi has been all harvested leaving a scarce yellow lands with ashes everywhere as the farmers have already burnt the remnants of the padi. Huhu~~ But afraid not coz I've already planned to use 'back to school' concept for our wedding.

And by the given limited time (some friends had to arrive late), we headed to my former secondary school, bribed the guard with the goodie bags (actually we've already asked for permission to enter the school for the photography session from the headmaster and plus my sister was a teacher there) and hurriedly snap the moments.

Well, not gonna share all of them in one shot because Im in the middle of composing my album as well. Just feast your eyes with the concept =].

A crush on my teacher

love note 1

love note 2

Aren't they lovely? Credit to my photographer/my best buddy Omar. You can use the concept as well for you upcoming wedding. And might be a plus if you hire me?? Ekekekeke


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