Shafiz N Zurainah

>> 12.07.2008

I managed to attend Shafiz n Zurainah wedding held at Kuala Pilah. I really forgot the name of the place precisely but it's not far from Pekan Kuala Pilah.

Driving along Bukit Putus reminisced me of my old days when I was studying at Kuala Pilah Matriculation college. I still remember sitting at the back while my uncle drove us along the crooked road. It was my first time being apart from my mom..kiki..

I even remember the vomitting incident when I was on my way to Seremban. I was sitting next to an old chinese lady. We were talking about her late husband when I started to wekk wekk next to her..Kakaka..There goes my machoness.


Back to the wedding. I went there with Cembam as she wasin KL that time. I've planned to stop at Ulu Bendul on the way back. I really did..yup just stop and stayed inside the car finishing the chestnut we bought form the stall by the roadside.

The other housemates came by different cars. It was raining when we arrived. We took some pictures with Shafiz and went back home right after the rain stopped.

I prayed (seriously I prayed) for their everlasting happiness..with cute kids..


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