LUnch N Learn

>> 12.07.2008

26th November - OneHealth Lunch N Learn session. It's been a while since our last lunch n learn session. I think the last one was the one organized by Sharleena (I'm talking about the lunch arrangement of course) which we had Dominos Pizza.

This time it was a bit different from the previous session, where we would have our dinner (Lunch in NL) after we had had the 'learn' session. This time we had our lunch first making it even fitter to the word lunch n learn =]. We had it at Courtyard Garden situated around 100 steps from our office...ehehe

There were new faces that I didn't know. They were from the testing team. I didn't recall your guys' names..sorry..I just asked your names once. At least I asked..ekeke. So, it's not mannerless to forgot right..ahahaha!!

Unlike the previous meal I had when I was here before - big prawns...This time we had to choose from the menu list. I picked lamb shank. A bit weird how it was served actually. But still tasted like lamb. Just enjoy some pitures I've snapped. Not many...


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