Lizawati's wedding

>> 11.26.2008

Last Saturday, another dear friend of mine getting married to her beloved husband..Congrats to Lizawati Munaman...

I've started knowing Leez when we were in the same science class back then during the forth form of our secondary school. A lot of things we did together with others. We are very close. She's one of my friends from the closest circle of my friends.

There were a lot of my schoolmates came to the wedding. There were the familiar faces, the circle that I mentioned just now and some long lost friends like Azidi, Hazrina, Rosmini and Fatimah.

And like usual, right after all the photography sessions with the bride and the groom, I'll get around 2-3 wedding invitation cards from them. ahahaa!!! It seems 2008 is the best year for all of my friends to marry their loved ones. I bet 2009 would be fewer and those who married in 2008 might not come to the 2009 weddings...huuuu....well, everyone with their families at that time.

So just enjoy the pictures around the wedding!!!!


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