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>> 11.06.2008

25th October -My housemate, more like temporary housemate but my ex-floormate during my college days for 3 years, partner of crime playing Warcraft for more than 2 years has actually completed his mission of life by marrying his beloved wife safely witnessed by so many eyes inside Putrajaya mosque.

The other housemates were attending the ceremony along with me that day. But not all of the housemates. It was Manap, Din, Pagoh and I. We watched the whole event, ate free by the mosque corridor and took picture with the groom and the bride hoping some fragment of blessing would make us being the next person at his situation after this..=p

No more words can describe the event. Just scroll along this entry for the pictures ;

May Allah blessed them with obedient kids, full of happiness and romances for the rest of their lifes. More pictures can be found here.


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