One Health Team Dinner with Jan Mooi

>> 11.05.2008

30th October - SUDU Hilton

The OneHealth main forces walking slowly towards SUDU with giddy feelings and hungry stomachs. The best part of being part of OneHealth..Free Treat..especially for someone like me who would never get the chance to travel...=p.

SUDU - Another new place, arranged by my ex-project manager. Nice place for my own personal craving. Apart of the main dishes ordered and placed hours before the time of the dinner via email, they still provide other things to eat.

The place is dark...I couldn't get really nice picture as my level of knowledge about lighting seems so insignificant. Most of the time I was busy with my meal. It was the first time I still feel hungry on the way back to home. I was planning to eat more after the prayer but everyone has already stop eating. I took a glance at Joseph...but he also just sat on his chair sipping his drink..Hmmm..No one was eating anymore..

Love the the food!!


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