One Health Team dinner

>> 9.26.2008

OneHealth team dinner commenced again last night and it was our only fast-break togehter for the muslims this Ramadhan. Unlike last year I had 3 of them as my name was also listed for testing team for their fast-break session..I really enjoyed that!!

This time it's Nikko Hotel. Thanks to Arfah for arranging it. It felt like I was going to a wedding dinner in that kind of hall unlike other hotels. The food was great, but because I am so used to eat just a little during the fast-break to make sure I could drag my ass for terawih, I wasn't to able to beat any of my colleague..especially Joseph. Go Joseph..slow and easy..the top endurance of all.

SO, just enjoy these pictures. Thanks to all photographers who took some of these..see ya after raya. Oh..I would like to ask for forgiveness for all my mistakes, defects and my out-of-scope attitude which might disturbing you guys and made U guys felt I was a total jerk...=p. Selamat Hari Raya AIdilfitri everyone!!

Sadiq while waiting for others to arrive.

Vijay getting ready

First Table. Erick seems so happy..=]

Hennie and the first table members

2nd table guys

The 4th table

See how satisfied ad happy sadiq was with the meal

The ghazal raya entertaining us but Yaacob wanted RnB instead

Give us pose man!!

Three for 3??

Diana and Bhavani enjoying posing in front of the lense

Why so seriousss?? Joker would slit your mouth if he sees this that..U already scared when I said Joker huh?

Dave Hill's style carmeli...This is what I was talking about

Cup cake mummy

Erick..OMG..Any girls wouldn't fall for this smile??

Hans still happy despite of his loss..sorry man..let's bludgeon anyone who took ur Ipod. But first we need to look for the guy la

Owkh..killer smile baby..killer smile

I dont care even this picture is out of focus..Meng JIn's pose is what matters!!

The three sisters??

Peace pose from Carmeli...SHe ended up not to try the shrinking p**** (the lala)

Owkh..we are happy together..wahahaha!!

UP for grab..

THe lead, the manager and the bigger manager

I think after this the toothpaste agency would take me as their model no??This pose is for Meng Jin

Giridhar is full and happy

UU..what a stare

Lilian's smile...

Time to kick off

Elly..u said want to be my model??but ended up at different table..ikikiii


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