Aishah Karis and Noi

>> 9.08.2008


The akad nikah ceremony took place weeks ago during my last one-week leave at my hometown. Noi was married after the husband safely took the vow witnessed by 2 witnesses and conducted by our village's middle age Imam.

At first I don't really know who was the husband so I tried so hard to check on him. But because of the seating arrangement, the groom was sitting with his back on us. So all I could see was the Imam's face. Means, I couldn't get nice picture when the vow was taken place. Luckily, it's not a job of mine. I just took some pictures for them.

Forgot to mention. Noi is my cousin. I'm not sure how close I am with her,but our family is so close. Her family lived just near the junction to our place. So, you would first see her house if U were to visit mine.

NOi and cik Minah, her mother

There was another wedding the same day as hers. Herman's...the one I shot and put in the previous entry..and also my neighbour opposite to my house. SO, I just took some pics, have the meal and took off.

When I actually saw the groom's face, I realized that I know this person. Hehehe..It was my senior during my primary school that lives just near our place., that's the groom. Hmm..Just wishing them an everlasting marriage blessed with happiness and nice kids.

Ah, and this one is my classmate back from the matriculation years...huuu..I came to her house after her akad nikah coz I couldn't make it for her actual wedding..I need to be at my hometown for Panca's wedding and NOra's engagement (previous entry) Same wishes to them..


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