Herman Shah's and Panca's wedding

>> 9.02.2008

Happy fasting everyone!!!

Not just fasting, hopefully everyone of us would take this yearly oppurtunity to do good deeds and a lot of ibadah. Some might say that ibadah is not something to be done only during Ramadhan...but at least if you could do it during Ramadhan, you could perform your praying only during Ramadhan, u are starting to do something..rather than just keep on preaching 'Ramadhan is not the only time to do ibadah' but not actually doing anything..right??

The custom albums for both of my friends have been succesfully designed yesterday. Consuming a lot of effort and my sleep to coz I slept around 3 a.m to make sure both of them are completed. But the printing shop were all closed and will be operating back on Monday. So, still need to wait this week to actually deliver it to my friends. But at least I still have time to reconsider any flaw of the design.

So now..I have more time to blog about all the events that happened all the days back!!!

So, which one should I start??Hmm..oo...yeah. 16th August, I went to my friend's wedding. It's a bit interesting as the bride and the groom were carried by two persons on their shoulder unlike others. Like 20 metres from the house, they both were carried by I'm not sure maybe friends or relatives towards the house. It's the Banjar custom. There's a belief saying that if they touch/step on the ground before they were met together, they would faint. And because the bride's cousin has already experienced the fainting situation, her family insisted to keep it going like the custom.

So great lor the one that carried my friend (the bride)..ahahaha!!! With her montok mantap figure..ekekeke..If it went with the original plan - her dad carries her..OMG..I'm not sure what would had happened..ahaha!!!

I took some nice pictures and print one of the best a big one, I framed it and will give to them later as a wedding present..I didn't manage to find that day..huhu..I even ate with them during the 'makan beradab' session..ahahaha!!! A big crab maaa..niceeeeee!!! But so far, Panca (the bride)'s wedding was the most sempoi I've ever attended..Zali the groom was so relax and treat like other normal ocassion..hehhe..so relax. Razali with his korean-actor-like smile...mata tertutup rapat bila senyum..hehe.

I'm gonna give this one as present..hehe=]

Fareha, my ex-classmate also came with her first son..so gorgeouss...I'm so want my ownnnnnn!!!!

So, I just hope u guys will lead your life and future to a place that you both have dreamed all the time...May Allah bless u with great, cute, obedient children. Aaaamiiinnnn...

Ahhh..forgot..the week after (the end of my a-week-leave), her ex boyfriend from the secondary school also had had his wedding..I went there from my cousin's akad nikah..Just snapped some nice pictures and went home..Great prayers for them as well...It seems that Herman and Panca who were once a great couple during our seconday school years did actually married at the same day...how irony..=p

The kenduri was held to celebrate both of Basir's sons..Herman Shah and his brother. I just know from my sis that the bride of herman's brother is already 4-month-pregnancy. I didn't notice the bum..hehe..


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