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>> 8.26.2008

Here you will find more pictures around the engagement day of Nora and Jimmy. Nora is one of my best friend who always supporting, laughing and outing together most of our time. Being a part of the engagement day brings so much meaning for us, or at least me.

Nora buat2 baik berbudi bahasa

The friends were so happy and I do think Nora is extremely happy with our presence that day. We talked a lot, we laughed a lot. We had had a really nice day. The same feeling when we gathered together during hari's such a wonderful moment!!!

Make up la konon

Baling cincin

Tu la cincin tunang

Melaram sejenak

Geng2 kawan korib yg datang

Geng pompuan yg membantu phase melaram

Aku dengan tarian selendang

Unfortunately Jimmy was so busy managing his family. He needed to kicked off asap so his family would arrive back at Terengganu safely. So, the pictures of Nora and Jimmy were taken just twice. No usual picture like the couple surrounded with hantaran or something similar. It's so rushing. But anyway, the event went smoothly. So...who's next!!!!!??

NOra riang dapat bertunang!!


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