Emma n Syidi..under one roof

>> 8.15.2008

Saturday - 9th August

The wedding of Emma and Syidi has succesfully held with pink colour for the theme. As usual simboliques Pradis, Rahman and I arrived a bit earlier than the guess to shoot any meanigful objects that can be included in their wedding album.

A bit easier than the other wedding I've been involved as the tents were outside for the guess to have their meal, nice lighting and even for the indoor, the light can easily lighten up the pictures as they can bounce from the low ceiling unlike the hall. So, the job was done with a great confidence.

I just got the pictures from Rahma yesterday and the editting was done last night. However, last night CS3 was kinda dizzy prompting out error message every now and then and forcing me to close the application without the chance to save my work. The mood was spoiled, the eyes were sleepy so I just shut down my laptop.

So here are just some of their pics. Enjoy!!

There were a lot of gorgeous cute kids wearing white gowns for the wedding. So kawaiiii...I'll put it in my flickr later...just browse through here if you have time.


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