!mm N Khairul

>> 8.11.2008

Last Friday night, I was sorta hired by a production to shoot pictures of wedding for his client. I offered my service from his fotopages and he decided to use me. So, that night I drove after maghrib prayer to Palace of Golden Horses where the couple will prepare themselves after the akad nikah which was covered by the production. They held a 'majlis kesyukuran' at Uniten Restaurant. So, the preparation, make up and everything else were done from the hotel.

It was my first time being there. After finished, we moved to the restaurant. There's no make-up session shoot as they don't really want that to be covered.

Arrived at the place, it's not like what I've expected. There was just a simple dining session where everyone ate. Served by the waiters and waitresses from the restaurant. They offered us to have our dinner first, but we said later coz we might miss some nice moments while we ate. But the mistake is that the dinner was a serve style. So there wouldn't be any leftover for us. NO tapau for us like the normal kenduri. Hence, we ended up starving after the dinner was finished.

We then got back to the hotel for the shooting andinterview session (videography pupose). I even shoot them outdoor in the middle of the midnight!! It was my first time to fully utilize my speedlite and for me, I've done it wonderfully. I've recognized what my mistakes from my shot when I viewed my pictures. And I'm so confident that I would get better shot next time.

So for !mm n Khairul...selamat pengantin baru. May your marriage will stand tall for years to come with nice kids along the way... I can't upload too many pictures as not to spoil the production's value..


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