Wedding custom album?

>> 7.30.2008

I couldn't see Mummylicious in the net...she's not online for the whole week. She said that her job in Scomi would be ended by the end of this month. Is she is busy with all of her works that needs to be given the final touches before he actually leave the company??Hmm..maybe..

Hopefully after her resignation, we could read her 2nd entry here...ehehe..right mama?? I still haven't get the chance to meet her precious 2 jewels. Really wanna see them before they migrated to Amsterdam for years.

A lot of weddings have been going on the months passed. August would be the peak month as September is the fasting month, so there would be a lot of couples want to have their hari raya or their fast break session with the loved one, with a new title of husband or wife. That explains all the wedding during the August. You got me?

I've recently starting to get my fingers with PS on creating and designing custom album that usually done for the wedding and all the photos taken. There are a lot of albums on the net, in the fotopages. I'm trying to get the idea, the basic things and the creativity behind all these pictures of custom albums so I could create my own. And hopefully people will like it.

It's totally different thing than photography. This is where and extra skill, time are needed on your editting skill to transform all your pictures to become one complete storyboard than can tell it's own story to whoever might look at it.

These 2 are my first ever try of making one of custom album. They are sucks aren't they. Ehehe..but I put it here anywehere. It would remine me how suck I was later when my design is going to be better and better. I would also see the improvement of my designing when I look this back months later perhaps.or maybe weeks later, days later??ehehe...

I will surely try to create my own uniqeness, my own original design which will make anyone says "hey..i know this. It's Hasnul's style". Yeahhh!! That would be a very enormous achievement!!! so later, I'll upload more. hehehe!!


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