Pictures on the net..Ori??

>> 7.15.2008

We might come across so many breath taking pictures, awing everyone who stares at it and thinking of how great their photography expensive their cameras are. The same as me. I was awed with their pictures, envied and so deeply fascinated.

The truth is, you can do the same to your pictures with the correct skill of editting and cross processing and the most important thing, with the software like adobe, corel and etc. But of course, a picture which is well shot nice composition will always more stunning with the same amount of editting using a badly shot picture. So, how you shoot it still counts.

When I first intended to buy my first DSLR camera. I thought by buying it I could get great pictures like I saw in the net. And when I started shooting with my first DSLR, I cranked up the colour setting as recommended by Kenrockwell, a professional photographer. I bumped into his website and start learning many things about cameras, lenses and photography. the result is quite nice.

But after months, I can't hold myself any longer. I started to cross process most of my pictures that I would uploaded on the net. Moral of the story...great pictures usually has been through a cross processing..ehehe..=]. The picture above?? It's an original one..That I can assure u..hehe!!


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