New passion and topic

>> 7.09.2008

As discussed with Mummylicious, we now see the exact path of this blog. Well actually we have already thought about it but today makes it more concrete. As we have the same passion and so indulge in arts, beautiful things and creativities...we decided to pour it all here, share with everyone outside there and maybe..maybe we can start taking jobs related to our passion.

A bit introduction about mine. I love pictures, I love editting them and due to my recent risk I've taken to buy a DSLR camera, this passion is mine startes burning inside me. I try my best to get the best moment captured in the shape of a picture where u can always smile and mesmerize the memory hidden beneath it.

I will update this blog with all my works and if any of you interested to join me with my hobby, u are pleased to do so..

So..cheers to the new beginning of this blog...MMuuuahhhhh!!


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