Nice clouds out there..

>> 6.10.2008

Sitting next to the windows gives me privilege to stare as long as I want the clouds pass by with all those different shapes, different sizes an different speed. The blue sky seems so calming when the clouds are not overwhelming it. I could stare at it so long and just snapped out only when my manager who is sitting in front of me startled me asking "watcha lookin at?".

I just came back to my seat. Had my lunch, my free drinks as usual and back online..ehehe..Fortunately, I don't really have a task to be solved right I think surfing and blogging is not really interrupting isn't it

Ouuu..I stared at the sky again. But now the black clouds started to unleash their wrath...They have already blocking the white puffy clouds making the world dark and gloomy. But it's still a nice view to be appreciated though

The rain is starting to fall down with an angel for every one that coming down to earth. That's why for muslim, during the rain is one of the best time to pray...Do try it. You dont lose anything but U might gain everything's already raining...start praying..=]..bye guys...!!


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