Attack No. 1

>> 5.14.2008

I've been watching movies a lot lately due to a great speed to directly d.load them from the web. Thanks to my office. I manage to get tones of them...ehehe!!

I'm gonna share with you about all the movies I've watched at least there would be update on this blog until the time comes where we could get more time, the appropriate things we want to nag here..maybe u could get some nice review of the movies and try to find it urself..

Well, I've finished dloading this japanese drama aired on 2005. Att4ck No 1.

This drama is about highschool volleball team - Fujim! which aiming for the national. But apart of the hard training, they were tested by so many obstacles along the trudge towards their goal. The team has a very great player Hayak4wa and the main heroine Ayuhar4. Based on skill, Hayakawa is way better than Ayuhara but Ayuhara was picked for national team instead leads by a former coach of the Fujimi's coach.

After that, the friendship becomes apart, Hayakawa decided to join other team and they fight during the national game. Fujimi needs to win the national or the club will be gone forever. Ayuhara had a hard time to get her team to accept the fact that she was chosen and even picked as the national team's captain...before...

Full of emotions as u could expect it from japanese drama. Motivation, spirit and so much more. I could write more, bout it would spoil the drama once u got ur hand on go get it!!

If any of you want it, u can come see me during weekend, I can burn for you for RM5..ok ah?ahahaha!!! Or you can get it from here ;

Ok..till then..Jaa Neee!!!!


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