Election..are u making the right choice??

>> 3.08.2008

Election has just passed but the heat of the campaign fever, the spirit to wave the flags, wearing the t-shirts will not gonna be cold and seized just like that. I sat with my friends, drinking and chatting while looking cars passing by the road still with the flags...the posters. It's already passed the voting period...but the spirit still lives inside everyone of them.

Whether U voted or not for this year election, it's all up to you. Maybe the one who doesn't vote might be labelled as not responsible for their own country. But everyone has their own reason of their own action.

"Even if u vote or u not vote, the result will always be absolute and can be determined"
"I don't know which side to choose. Every side has it's own bad and good things to be fought"

So many agendas, scandal, lies and tactics involved during election. For me as a neutral person. I prefer to observe both sides and evaluate their weaknesses...their propaganda,s mission and everything that counts as the one who will lead the people towards peacefulness and serenity.

Honestly, it's kinda impossible for Malaysia to have a different government other than the one we have now. We only hope more opposition leaders to be part of the parliament so the government would lead us more careful and be aware of their job. As an opposition, they could always let the government know if anything fishy, wrong or not supposed to be done to the citizen.

Huh~~~ I just hope and still wondering, why Malaysia as a great export country for petroleum, palm oil and lots more things, but the prices of this things are still increasing and keep on increasing. And why on earth we keep supplying our water to Singapore who never shows any respect or gratefulness towards us...We supply them water with a veryy low price, then they sold it back to us in much higher price...arrgghhh!!!


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