Bare with it for a while

>> 2.14.2008

You see the white background?? That means I'm trying to customize it. This blog hasn't been so active has it? But still, I'm gonna try to update it with something worth reading. And by doing so, I hope with a nice theme and background on top of that should attract readers. So, bare with the white empty b.ground for a while yah.

I really into photography and I bet there are tons of you out there who has the same interest in it just like me. I am thinking on getting a credit card or a debit card so I could buy my dream Eos camera using the 0% installment. If I wanna wait having a 3k in my hand and spend it all at once for it, I guess my brain will come out with every possible things that can be done using that money instead of buying a single thing which snaps pictures nicely and brings satisfaction in me. Now, you get the complete story huh??

It's always about the photographer, not the camera right?? Yeah..I know that. But a great photographer can't do shit just using 2MP phonecamera can they? So, if i were to buy a camera, I hope I would not regret of buying it ever when the technology move forward and introduce a more brilliant products. At least, the one I bought is still an acceptable one to compare with the latest product...that's all. Heee..

If any of you knows someone who wants to sell his/her camera, do put a comment in my blog about the price, the brand and the type of the camera. I would be very interested on it...


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