>> 1.22.2008

Been a while hasn't it?

Nothing much happened so far this new year. But the big thing is my increement after a year serving loyally (ihik) in this company. When it comes to increement, eveyone hoping that they would get as much and as high as possible for it. The fact that they don't even do anything which could be considered as a decent work/task is left aside and the right to be treated nice and fair comes replacing it.

For me, I always pray my increement would be enough for me to survive in this modern era where everything getting more and more expensive. The prices become higher and higher. The cost of living become more and more torturing. Don't even talk about the challenge, the crime and the murders. The price would become one of the murderous factor for everyone. Choking everyone within their own space of life.

I always hope my increement is worth what I've done, what I've gave along the year of my service. I hope the figure would explains how grateful the management is, how am I appreciated by them. I know, my work sometimes is not as hard as some of you out there, but I did my best in even a small puny little task they put on my shoulder.

I pray so much to HIM so He could bless me with the right amount, the right figure so I could do more meaningful things in this world. I pray and pray a lot.

A week ago, my counselor forwarded me the email from the management about my increement. The moment I looked at the percentage of the increement, I feel relieved. It's not too much and not so little. I could say it's appropriate with what I've done for this whole year. Eventhough I'm not eligible for another type of increement where U supposed to be promoted to Consultant post, but yet I'm so grateful. This new salary will help a lot, especially the intention of getting engaged this year..ehehe...

Hoping everyone of U will get what U deserve this year after all your hardworks...!!! God bless U all!!


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