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>> 1.02.2008

Hello..~~ Mummy...where are U? Haven't seen any of 'u' here..hehehe..Bet U are still superbusy with ur new boss..haha!!

Well, new year 2008 comes in. Do all of you satisfied with everything U have done for the past year? Did U manage to fulfill ur last year's resoultion and make it happened?? Or the resolution is just left as the first day resolution and the days passed leaving ur resolution unaccomplished? Or u set the same resolution as last year due to the failure?

Whatever it is? Just do it!! It's not that U can only set a goal when the new day of a new year comes. But it's more like an appropriate or a moving date to be chosen for a divine goal we may set ahead. For me, my resolution always a simple one. Not gonna be a big burden, far from something unachievable.

Face the new chapter of your life with a great determination and achieve anything U've set ahead!!

seriyes tak kenal yg kanan tu..huhuhu


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