Miss it so mwuchhh

>> 11.27.2007

I miss the days I went to the school court with my buddies to learn martial art. I miss the days we kick each others and trying the moves we watched from the film. I missed how we tried so hard to be the best, try to hone our kicks, our punches as strong as we could. And I miss the cooperation and the spirit of a fighter back then during the old days. Well. it's not that old..

I'm still looking for a place where I could continue my taekwon-do class. My last certificate as a red belt bearer was no where to be found. I really miss the actions. I need a friend with the same passion so I could start catching up all the patterns and the kicks which I've fully mastered once. I know it's not gonna be a big help when u involved in a real fight. Well, U never heard someone being hurt by a person. It always by a group of people. Trust me, even Jet Li won't survive that.

I guess I can't do this anymore

But it's all about passion. U never know the limit of your body and what are wonderful things ur body can do. It's a new meaning of satisfaction when someone acknowledge how beautiful u move and how sharp ur kicks are. It's totally beyond a new wall of challenge.

Whenever I watch any movie which contains martial art stuffzs, my legs are itching..my body seems to resonate with the movements. I truly admire them. The most admirable martial art in my head right now is muay thai. Muay thai is very practical and effective for close combat or long range combat. It has both of the specialty. No wonder Muay Thai is now famously exposed to the world especiall via movie and films.

Anyone knows where can I join a taekwon-do class around bukit jalil? MGTF class.?? I really longing to start practicing it back...huuu~~~~


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