Arghh..High cost of living

>> 11.23.2007

You have a job haven't U? Does it pay U enough? Well, it depends in who U asked the questions. Money will never be enough. No matter how much U earn a month, it will never satisfy U. U will always find a way to earn more and more. That's y people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, they don't just say, "Owkh..I have enough money now, I think I'll stop and take a rest once and for all"

Money will never be enough to anyone. Billionaires would say that they don't have enough money to buy the island!! Not enough money to buy them a new mansion. It's how U spend your money makes it enough or not..Agree with me? And some just trying to earn more and more money from what they are doing because they have passion for it. Irresistible passion which makes them strive for more achievements and more acknowledgments.

Hmmm..I bet everyone knows about the rumor that the oil price will increase again by next year. I even heard that it would be increasing 50cent more next year. Now,if the definition of rumor is a news which we can't really determine the source and the ambiguity of the news is a concern, I would label this as a prediction, not a rumor coz I really think it's a real deal.

When the oil price increased, for sure others will increased. Flour price has already increased, chicken, meats even bowling rate!!! Every single parties try to increase the price due to any slight economy change or the market demand. But the problem is..the enormous problem about increasing is..SALARY doesn't increase the way price is. It stay still for some or most of the companies. I envy the ones who are working with the government. At least, apart from the fact that they didn't get any bonus, they still have their increment.

At least, they would manage to fit and cope with the price change and still able to maintain their lifestyle. But how about the rest of us? The cleaners, the contract workers, sale assistants..these kind of job, they don't just follow the rule of salary increment like the others. How hard it's gonna be for them especially if they live in a big city like KL where everywhere we can see inflation but yet most of us just ignore about it and buying still. For us, it's not a big deal huh?? But because this very not-a-big-deal attitude, inflation is sucking freely and those greedy bastards, middleman can freely increase the price.

How on earth a restaurant can sell teh-o-ais limau for RM1.70 a glass while the other restaurant located just 50 meters from it still sell it at RM1.20. We would just pay n said, "that's expensive". For someone like me, I won't step a foot in there ever again. But for some of us who thinks spending money for meal is something U can't being so thrifty about will just come again and encourage the act of increasing the price.!!

So as the government always says, the Ads always try to deliver that the absolute power is in the consumer's hand. Please think about it guys...We are the one stucked in it, suffocating and struggling to get free from those torturing prices. Start thinking and be a smart consumer!!


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