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>> 11.13.2007

Seems that the other writers of this blog is pretty busy with her new 'life' which being visualized to me the other day as a vey boring environment with a restriction to use any type of virtual chatting method, a trend of working extra hours without being paid and lots more which she would tell me later when she surfaces from those tedious suffocating layers.


I'm waiting for my partner to 'release' the employee so I could test it later. While she's doing that, I take my chance to type something here.

Out of the blues, I happened to be dreaming and thinking bout my childhood for the past days. Well, a chapter of my childhood's encyclopedia of memories. I keep on recollecting the days I had had with my sisters and my brother. The bad deeds I've done as a small kid who always wants to know what are the things around him, the feelings, the joy, the tastes and the adventures.

I remember the day mom taught us how to make a bow using the bamboo. She taught me along with my sis. After finishing our first bow, mom advised us, "It's not I dont want to teach you how to make ur own playing stuff..I just dont want u to improvise it and misused it dangerously"

But being a very creative kid, I make my bow more lethal. I use a needle and tied it firmly on the tip of my arrow. Then I aim it towards my sis stealthily while she was washing her feet in the bathroom. Swoooshhh it went and barely pierced into her skin but yet the arrow was swinging on her skin.

I was a real devil was I not?! But that's just years ago when I was the furious intimidating brother in the house. I even slapped my brother because of his act stealing my lizard which I caught earlier the night before and put them in the bottle for the fishing bait. But around my age of 15, slowly I became so soft towards them. Now, I can assure you that I'm one of the best brother in the world!! Hehe!!


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