Photography and the expensive unaffordable EOS Camera

>> 11.05.2007

IT's been a while since our last entry. Being a momma surely makes Mummylicious so hard to allocate a decent time to bring her words to life in this very blog. I kinda short of ideas to come out and share with you guys.

The hell with it. Here's another simple entry about photography. even close if u guess I'm going to share with any tips or skills of photography coz I'm not one a very great photographer with those big lenses, squatting to get the best angle and splashing flash from those expensive unaffordable (yet) camera. I just wanna say that I love photography!!

Photography makes me decide to buy a handphone with a decent camera built in it so at least I can still freeze anything I want in it and check it myself whether the trees look like a tree or the chicken looks like a chicken or just a flash of white thing when I snapped them..and freeze them in my handphone (camera).

Anyway, I'm still looking forward so hard to buy a real digital camera..Yaa..I'm talking about A DIGITAL CAMERA. The one is appointed it and we call it camera. NOt a handphone. SInce the envy from getting a hold of an EOS Canon SLR camera bought by my friend weeks ago is extremely agitating and might makes me withdrawn all my saving money to buy it..I bet I'm one of the photo junky..huuu~~~

Ok, if u are not able to touch the sky..just paint a sky and touch it...yes? Hence, these are some photos taken by my Handphone camera to hone my skill. Maybe some of u might ask why there are just 3 pictures if I am so into photography. THe answer is..those 3 already consume my energy to convince that no one would laugh when they look at it. SO, hopefully they are not that bad to make u retch up or laugh on it..after all, I'm just a beginner and an autodidact.

Where did I left my keys?

Why waste it....

I'm afraid of the outside world

Anyone wants to sell their EOS Camera for a nice bargain??


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