My job is sucks or am I just pathetic?

>> 10.30.2007

What are u doing right now..your job. What is your job? Mechanic? Teacher? Customer service representative, cleaner, soldier and whole lot more jobs they could be? Are u happy with ur job?

"My student just ignore me when I was teaching!!"
"Too many calls..everyone of them is a complaint call god damn it!!"
"Too many things to be tested..who they think I am? A robot?!"
"It's so bored doing the same thing everyday!!"

We heard this a lot. And we did whine it ocassionally didn't we? It's all about working environment, your boss, your task, your friends, your salary and your workloads. To whom it may concerns, we always grunting, whining and cursing every single difficulty, challenge or boredome that coming towards us like a bunch of bees berserking out of their ruined beehive.

Yes..I won't deny some of your jobs are so irritating, mind-challenging, time consuming, relationship affecting and lots more words to define it. But have u ever think, out of those miserable own-defined life, u can still be as happy as u ever could? It's all up to u to make ur job least u don't get tensed by it. It's u who will determine!! No one else..not your boss, not your colleague not even your job.

There was once a reporter reporting from a heavily damaged area due to the earthquake. Most of the main roads were totally collapsed leaving a huge holes everywhere. The residents need to drive 2 hours before they could exit to the main road which usually only takes about 15 minutes. One of the resident was cursing badly ehen he was interviewed by the reporter.
"this place is a mess. I'm going to move from here. Bloody *******(the place)"

But when he interviewed another person. He just simply smiled and say, "Well, I need to wake up at 4 a.m which far earlier than my normal 6a.m. And If i get lucky, there would be just few cars on the road. I bring along my novel, a flusk of coffee and even my breakfast so I could have them in my car during the heavy traffic jam. No fuss.."

U can see how people react on the same situation but totally different output. U can try to enjoy as little bit as u could about ur job. For example, even if u are a cleaner, looking at people walking on the floor u just wiped clean seconds ago surely makes u angry. But a part of that, u can still listen to music while cleaning, have a chat with the others..anything that would cheer u up. One of the cleaner from my office said that she collect all the garbage (papers, cans etc) from the office and sell it back once it's piled up and earn money from it.

When I was a CSR for stremmyx, most of my colleague especially the gals almost cried or had cry due to all those stubborn and fussy customers. Being insult is a part of the job. For me, I never tensed..not even a bit. Why? coz i know, the customer is not angry with me, they angry with the product, the service, the company. And if any of them crossed the line, I just talk to him back in manner. For those 7 months working there, I always happy with my job. U can't curse them back, so just keep silent till they exhausted from cursing u and then u just giggle (that's if u intend to make the customer bengang balik..hahaha)

If ur job is about doing things repeatedly and all the way..the same things...There's a way to make it interesting everyday. U need to find the way. Again, during the CSR job..I always communicate with the customer based on a script but we need to improvise it ourselves. I felt awfully boring one day and decided to use accent when attending an english speaker customer. Well, at first, u would retch urself listening to ur own accent..but there would be around 30 customers speaking in english calling..u can improve man!!

The best time was when after all the conversation, the customer satisfied and asked my name (well, they will also ask ur name if they pissed). After i gave my name to him, he said,

"that's a malay name right?"
"well, of course coz i'm a malay man"
"Oooo..but ur accent and ur english seems different"

See..!! U can create ur own happiness from all the miserable moments of ur life. I'm not a good english speaker to begin with. So now, start thinking guys!!How can u make the ordinary same things to a bit interesting everyday so u could at least cheer up at the end of the day rather than sulking and making karipap face tak berinti...Well then, this is from my own experience. I can share other story from others' experience, but I bet u would feel like reading a motivation book..hahaha!! Better buy one jee...

P/S : sometimes, when u have fun with ur job by singing, joking..people tend to judge u being an unprofessional person. Well, people mmg kolot. As long as u know, that's the way u cheer up urself..don't give a damn to those idiots!! U can't judge professionalism in working (doing ur job) by appearance, happy looking face...ur way of dressing. Coz if u judge from the dress..that's just judging the professionalism of the way people dress not the way they work...They think ur job is easy because u always look very happy..the hell with those moron!!


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