Do you think you are right??? (Bloody WP)

>> 10.25.2007


How many times u ever heard this kinda phrase? I bet so many times in your life coz this is how human behaves against confrontation which judging their way of life, their philosophy or their path of liveliness. Only small fraction of people in the world would say “ are right. I’ve done a terrible mistake”. Don’t even mention about the 2nd sentence. Even the 1st sentence u will hardly heard from anyone. The ego will conceal this feeling, not even a single minute atom of admitting would succeed to break out.

It’s true what elders said, “kalu dok dgr cakap org..wat apa pn takleh..pedulikan apa org kata” (If u keep on listening what people might say bout u, u will ended up doing nothing. The hell with them). Yup in a point of view, it’s definitely correct and true. U can’t please everyone around u. U did this to this person, he/she likes it, but someone else thinks it’s gross and disilike it. I could see it clearly when I watched ‘The Apprentice’.

Now..the thing is, how do u know that u are right? U can’t simply say u are right..can u? U think u are right by not having to perform your prayer because someone who prays sometimes doing a bigger sins then U. N u think ur act is right. What good it makes when u perform a prayer but at the same time u do sins..It’s better not even pray..

Now..if everyone thinks they are who’s wrong here? Rapist raped girls because he thinks they deserved it after flashing every curves of their bodies turning on his sexual desire. “Serve u right”. And sometimes the victims is n ordinary girls heading home from the mosque. Then other girls will said, “see..even a girl with veil and covered from head to toe is being raped. So it doesn’t matter how u dressed. I’M STILL RIGHT AM I NOT?”. U never think a bit the reason behind it. The rapist looks all these sexy ladies averyday but didn’t get the chance to rape any of them so why not raping an ordinary kampung girl whom ocassionally walking alone along a secluded road or place?.

So, everyone can do anything as long as they think they are right. Robbing, killing, bullying and tones more of crimes. “I killed the boy coz he messed around with my turkey”. “I killed that girl coz her father dumped me without any excuse”. Yaaa..everyone thinks they are right. Bullshit. Before u think u are right, asked a correct person, with knowledge whether is it true you are doing a right thing. If everyone with a normal insanity, normal mind, normal religion say ‘yes’..only then u can say that u are right…

Coz the words “I’M RIGHT” can’t simply be used brother. Because of this words, this mind set..every crimes are and were done. Because of this words, America striked Iraq. Because of this words, billions of lifes were simply annihilated. So think my friends..are u doing a right thing? Lina joy once quoted, “saya tak susahkan org (I didn’t disturb anyone)”. But is that true? I can’t say she’s right or she’s wrong either. But from the aspect of religion, she’s damn wrong. And there’s a foundation of facts to say that she’s wrong.

so think and seek for the real approval before u easily declared ur action as a right one……True, that if u don’t even know that what u are doing is true..u ended up doing nothing. Now, that’s might be slightly different. This kind of i’m-right thinking usually is set when u do ur achieve ur goal. “I think this is the right way to solve this”. This is totally different ‘right’ from what I’ve mentioned above.

But if “I think he deserves it. He’s already rich, so there’s nothing to be worry if we cut off him from the deal”. Ok..this is the ‘right’ i’m talking about…Again..think about it..and have a nice life everyone and blessed by your god regardless from which religion background u are…=]. Peace….


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