1st Birthday for Zaffar n 2nd Anniversary for Mama n Daddy

>> 8.11.2009

25th July - I attended a celebration of the first birthday of Zaffar and the 2nd anniversary of his parents. I was invited way earlier and was asked to capture the gleeful moments during that day. I arrived a bit early to join the tahlil.

The celebration began around 2p.m. One by one, friends were coming. Zaffar has already dressed to the 9 with his stripes colar shirt. Some that managed to come were Rina and family, Ayman and his friend, Marlena's childhood and best friends and lots more. Even Ruzman, our ex colleague was there.

It was a fun time and I had so many of the coconut jelly. So, I just finished with the album. Feel free to comment. If you are interested to have this kind of family album..u know how to contact me..=]. Ah btw, the album here is 8x6 inches size and the price starts with RM400 (album and DVD of the rest of the pictures)


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